THE BRIDGE..............

After moving to Dallas and giving my life to the Lord I have been on quite a journey. Throughout all these years I have been taught a deeper level of what worship is and I find it always quite enlightening when I hear others definition of worship as well. It seems that this word means many different things to different people. I was not raised in church, well we went occasionally and mostly on holidays but I don't remember any talk of worship. So when I moved to Dallas and gave my life to the Lord at The Potters House, I thought worship was then what I experienced there, It was an amazing experience the feelings I felt through the music as I entered into the presence of God. This started my journey and deeper understanding of worship. After leaving there then for years after I was placed into different types of worship environments, in a Caucasian church, African American church, Latin Church, Nigerian church and then a church that was a mixture of these. The fact I just had to explain it like I did doesn't make me feel too good. You see even us in the church have to segregate our explanation because really it is what it is. When I really recognized how deep this was it saddened my heart. As I tried to adapt to all these different environments and styles of worship I began to realize that there was more of a problem then I thought and continues to be. I don't usually talk about this but really feel it on my heart to do so. It has placed me in quite a unique position in ministry. We say don't judge a book by its cover but we continue to do the same thing that we have been begging our society not to do. It seems as if a lot of churches say they are multi-cultural but always have a predominant race. Why is this? Why do we say that we want to be as one and we don't want to be segregated anymore but Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week...........the day most of us go to worship. :-( Why is that I turn on the local radio and I get to hear nothing but CCM and predominately Caucasian artists and then I turn on another station and it is all gospel and I hear then mostly African American artists and then I turn on a Latin station to hear all my Latin artists. I share this with you because it continues to pull at my heart to know that we operate in such division. It seems when you try to bring someone new to possibly tie any two together then you get resistance. Hatred is real and still exists and is deep seeded inside the heart of a lot of people sitting in the church. LOVE conquerors all, I believe this. I think that if we allowed ourselves to be open to change and learning other cultures and meeting them half way that we could BRIDGE the gap but I don't believe we can fully experience the heart of GOD when we can't love others truly the way that he loves us. To me worship is what we do every day. How we treat we we we we LIVE........Every day. I think of it like a marriage. You love your spouse so much that you want to meet them half way when making decisions and in everything you do. This is what makes two different people from two different walks of life work as one when they learn to serve one another in true agape Love that never expects anything in return. This type of LOVE breaks hatred and is so powerful that it can transform your life in a moment and break any strong hold that keeps us divided as well. My prayer is that we tap into the true spirit of GOD........the true spirit of worship..........the true spirit of LIFE and LOVE. That something in you would spark up and maybe you could be part of this BRIDGE. Our industry needs us, our world needs us and we are in great need of people that are willing to rise up and be part of this BRIDGE. ~ Crystal

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